Folkestone's Marine Heritage


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Family Snaps

On this page two family stories unfold. The Walkers and the Biltons.

The Walkers

The images top left show Walter "Wally" Walker who was a ferry master at the time of his retirement in the 1970's. Those below tell the tale of how his father also called Walter came to be awarded the Medaille d'Honneur de Sauvetage" in 1926

Contempory press reports

Our thanks to the Walker family, Howard, Roger and Susan for sharing memories of their father and grandfather

The Biltons

The photos top right illustrate the career of Brian's grandfather William Bilton. They trace his career from apprentice shipwright to ships carpenter aboard the Channel ferries. William's mother has put a cross above his head on many of the photos. William worked on the ferries for over half a century starting in 1911. William's father Thomas was Folkestone harbour cashier

Thanks to Brian Adams for telling us about his grandfather and his great grandfather

The Walkers and Brian also shared spoken memories and can be heard here RADIO