Folkestone's Marine Heritage


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Your Writings

Transitions 4

Pavement Pounders have each year since 2010 published and edited a journal of mainly local writings. For 2014 we decided to devote the journal to this project. We held writing workshops in the spring and summer. Transitions 4 was launched that November during The Folkestone Book Festival with readings from many of the contributors.

From the introduction

Our project mission to explore the heritage of Folkestone as a harbour and cross-channel port by looking out as well as in, provides the backbone for Transitions 4.

We set out with the idea of both retrieving personal memories of crossing the Channel and the wider aspects of sea-crossings.

Some very interesting pieces emerged.

Our Writers

Bob Ratcliff    Gillian White    Annie Catford    David Lay    Annie Webb    Liz Brown    Stephen McCarthy    Paul Harris    Amina Menia    Jyll Bradley    Gabriel Lester    Sarah Staton    Marjetica Potrc & Ooze Architects.    Maryanne Grant Traylen    Diana Harrison    Lisa Bates    Mauiko

Editor    Maryanne Grant Traylen

Artworks    Rosemary Clunie

With thanks to   Andrew Thomas Emans and Lazlo Walnut   proof readers

You can read Transition 4 here

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We have also produced a booklet to go with our guided walk

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David and Maryanne